MayFesApp is an official mobile app for May Festival (the main school festival of the University of Tokyo). I worked as the project leader, and developed the server architecture and the iOS app.

KomaFesApp 2016 / 駒場祭アプリ2016

Developed the iOS app. Worked as a project leader.

Flash Zaurus

Developed an attraction named Flash Zaurus that was designed to look like a Tokyo Friend Park's attraction. Apart from writing code and building the circuit, I led the team as a project leader. Our team exhibited Flash Zaurus at an event hosted by Mie prefecture and at the school festival where we won the best exhibition award.

Hosted Kaggle Competition on Azure Machine Learning

Hosted a machine-learning competition with another Microsoft student partner. The participants competed a score of a kaggle’s task (a platform for data science competition) using Azure Machine Learning. The event witnessed the successful participation of more than 50 students.


A hardware prototype named EveryTouch to operate a PC screen on a projected screen. It applied an image recognition method and incorporated the detection of a relative position within a projected screen. Won one of the best award in the competition of my undergraduate class. Please see the movie.


Developed a web service as a main engineer in a two-member team. Used Play framework (java). Please see the website.


Developed a prototype that sends a knock through the device.

Won the best undergraduate thesis

My undergraduate research at the University of Tokyo won the best undergraduate thesis. (April 2016 - March 2017)

Won the Internship at WorksApplications, Inc.

Designed, developed, and presented a BtoB application as an intern at Works Applications, Inc. Won the best award out of more than 200 participants and a reward of half a million yen.

Internship at Gunosy, Inc.

Developed a machine learning model that predicts users’ behavior on the Gunosy mobile app (August 2016). Secured the 4th position out of 30 intern participants.

Internship at Deloitte Cyber Security

Competed in hacking challenges on Kali Linux. (September 2016) Secured the 4th place out of 30 members as a cyber security intern at Deloitte.

Internship at Cuminas, Inc.

Software Engineer (January 2017 - Now). Designed and developed an iOS application using Xamarin Mac.

Internship at Link-U, Inc.

Software Engineer. Developed server side using php.